Advantages of VRF:

  1. Energy Efficiency: VRF HVAC systems use less energy for several reasons. The system is designed to provide exactly the amount of cooling needed for the current conditions, which means it runs less frequently and at a lower capacity.
  2. Quiet Operation: In a VRF HVAC system, the noisier condensing unit is typically outside and the indoor units are smaller and quieter than a traditional split system.
  3. Heat and Cool Simultaneously: The VRF HVAC system captures residual heat absorbed from the air during the cooling process and redirects that heat to other parts of the building that need heat. That means you can have air conditioning in the living room for a party, while you need heat in the bedroom where the baby is sleeping. Or you can have heat in the winter for cooler window offices and air conditioning in the central conference room for a large meeting.
  4. Consistent Comfort: The VRF HVAC system’s compressor can detect the precise requirements of each zone and send the precise amount of refrigerant needed to do the job. As a result, each area of your space is consistently comfortable with well-controlled humidity and no hot or cold spots.
  5. Less Downtime: Since the VRF HVAC system is designed to run only when needed and under partial-load conditions, there is less wear and tear on the parts.
  6. Requires Less Space: Since the Indoor Units are smaller and VRF HVAC systems don’t usually require ducts, they don’t require as much wall and ceiling space for the equipment. That means you get to keep those gorgeous high ceilings in your office & apartment.
  7. Modern Controls: For residences, you can take advantage of mobile control technology that lets you adjust temperature settings for each zone from your mobile device. For commercial settings, the VRF HVAC system’s built-in controls may allow you to skip purchasing expensive building management software.


About LG VRF Technology:

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) is a technology introduced as a system to minimize efficiency losses and provide sustainable energy benefits. LG VRF systems are engineered to save on the cost of ducts, distribution fans, water pumps & water piping. VRF Systems have a lower life cycle cost of any system on the market today.


LG have the latest modern fifth generation technology of inverter control systems, it require less power consumption, on site combination & installation flexibility, diverse units that meet any designers demands and outstanding performance for users. Moreover LG brand have long time experience in this sector.

With LG’s latest inverter technology compressor, the LG Multi V system matches variable load. This helps prevent constant cycling and results in tight temperature control, superior dehumidification and optimized efficiency. Occupants are able to stay comfortable while reducing utility costs.

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